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Signs of pregnancy - here's what you should do

Pregnancy is a long period that is full of excitements and joyous occasions. Mommies usually never forget the first kick of the baby, the moment when they first hear the baby’s heartbeat on an antenatal visit and other signs and symptoms that are associated with the healthy progression of the pregnancy.

However, there are also a number of troubling signs and symptoms of pregnancy that alters normal day to day functioning of mommies during the 9 month period of pregnancy.

This article will list early signs and symptoms of pregnancy that will enable you to learn what to expect in the coming months.

In other articles of this special pregnancy series, I will help you in understanding what causes these symptoms and in the last article of the series, I will be sharing some scientifically proven healthy home remedies to manage pregnancy symptoms for an uneventful pregnancy and optimally healthy delivery.

Early signs and symptoms of pregnancy

For the sake of convenience, most healthcare professionals divide pregnancy symptoms according to the trimesters; however, there are a few symptoms that may trouble you throughout pregnancy. The most convincing part is knowing that most symptoms are determinants of healthy pregnancy and serves to help you in maintaining optimal health during conception period.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness can be truly considered as a misnomer (as most mothers complain of moderate nausea, vomiting and weakness throughout the day). Morning sickness is indeed the most significant symptoms that is reported in early pregnancy and may resolve spontaneously as you enter second trimester.

Although, in vast majority of cases, the symptoms are mild or tolerable; however if you have following risk factors, you may experience much severe illness:

  • You are pregnant for the first time (primigravida)
  • You are carrying twins or multiple gestation
  • You have a history of motion sickness


Backache is also one of the chronic and disabling symptoms that worsen with the progression of pregnancy. Backache is mostly limited to lower back region; however, in almost 3% of the pregnant mommies, backache may also be associated with sciatica and pelvic pain.


Anaemia mostly manifests itself in pregnant mommies during mid to later part of pregnancy and marked by:

  • Feeling of fatigue or tiredness that is out of proportion to physical exertion